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  • Full Name:Marcel Morsdorf
  • Website:www.morsdorf.io

Hello There!

I'am Marcel Morsdorf early when i was a child i got my first personal computer a commodore C64. Since then i trained my skills by developing and building Software and whole network systems.
Now about 20 years with running through all parts of the IT Business. I lead a datacenter in Schleswig-Holstein Germany.

 Also i'am aktiv member of the CCC e.V. since my 16th birthday and interested in reverse engeneering of hardware and software.

My fields

Data Center

I'am high skilled datacenter specialist

IT Consultant

Is your system vulnerable? Looking for new ways of your IT?


I talk about topics like IT Security, data center and greenit


Datacenter Energyconcept89%
WAN Concepts90%
Backup Strategy90%
Datacenter Automation65%
OpenSource Datacenter90%



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Morsdorf.IT OÜ
Sepapaja tn 6
15551 Tallinn, Estonia

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